Life is simple, we make choices and don't look back~ (maybe..)

See or Not

非诚勿扰经典小诗歌《见于不见》<See or Not> 英文版

你见,或者不见我   我就在那里不悲不喜
You meet me, or not meet me
I’m there no sorrow or happy

你念,或者不念我   情就在那里不来不去
You miss me, or not miss me
The memory is there, not coming, not going

你爱,或者不爱我   爱就在那里不增不减
You love me, or not love me
Love is there, can’t be added, can’t be ended

你跟,或者不跟我   我的手就在你的手里不舍不弃
You be with me, or you leave me
I lay my hand in yours, never be parted

Rest in my arms or let me go into your mind
默然 相爱寂静 欢喜
In silence, and in love, So quiet, and so fascinating

❤ ~


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