Life is simple, we make choices and don't look back~ (maybe..)

WotLK Mount Macro

/script local m=GetZoneText() if (m=="Dalaran" or m=="Wintergrasp") and (GetSubZoneText()~="Krasus’ Landing") then CallCompanion("MOUNT", 1);end
/use [flyable,nomounted] Flying Carpet; [nomounted]


Text in blue is where you input your own data

1 means the 1st mount in your mount tab, 1 here must be a ground mount, this ground mount will be only used in Dalaran, Wintergrasp and Krasus Landing.

Flying Carpet and Dreadsteed is where you set your permanent Flying Mount and Ground Mount.

Have Fun! Tongue out

*This macro won’t work if you are under Lv.77 as Northen Flying Skillz isn’t learned yet.


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